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Skin Prep for Flawless Makeup

Wedding Makeup and Skin Care - a Flawless Face for Your Wedding Photos

Skin by Sharon Elizabeth for Flawless Wedding Makeup
Every bride seeks to look her best on her wedding. Great wedding makeup starts with a great canvas.In order to look your best for your special day, the skin needs to be in its best form. This means proper skin care, makeup preparation, and finding the perfect foundation match.


If you don't have a regular skin-care routine, start one three to five months before the wedding. This will give your skin time to adjust. Skin care doesn't have to be expensive or confusing. Use a basic cleanser morning and night, exfoliate once or twice per week and use a moisturizer twice per day.

Skin Preparation for Flawless Makeup

Skin by Sharon Elizabeth for Skin Care and Flawless Makeup in SausalitoConsider your face as a canvas. Just as a painter selects the appropriate canvas before beginning the artwork, you too should employ a suitable skin care routine to suit your skin type and lifestyle. Never underestimate the importance of skin care preparation to ensure a clean, fresh, natural looking makeup canvas.
Thorough skin prepping will ensure your foundation  glides on smoothly and results in flawless coverage.Cleanse, moisturize and protect …  preferably twice a day, but if you must choose, pay particular attention to your evening skin care routine.