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Skin Care Tips for your Wedding Day

Bay Area Wedding Skin Care and Wedding Makeup Artistry1. Water - drink it! Dehydration affects our entire bodies, as well as our appearance. You will be doing a lot of eating, stressing, drinking alcohol and staying up late in the weeks before your wedding - make it a point to take care of yourself during this phase. Water is the simplest and most effective defense against getting sick, over tired and cranky. I’ve heard so many times from brides that they stopped taking care of themselves while doing all the planning and running around while creating their perfect wedding.
2. Brows - the architecture of the face and the frame for  your eyes. Clean, full and softly arched brows can change the entire face, they can rival a facelift when done correctly! Visit a professional as soon as possible, but at least two months before the wedding have them professionally shaped either by waxing or tweezing (if you are super sensitive). Earlier is better because often there are sparse areas that need to be regrown, visit again once or twice before the wedding (or whatever your artist recommends) perfect brows are not made in a day ladies!
3. Trial - the day of your makeup and/or hair trial, set yourself up for success. Find inspiration images, have a clean face and clean dry hair (your artist can make hair dirty, but not clean!) wear a nice white blouse or dress and your wedding jewelry - this will help you to envision yourself the way you will actually look, bridal hair and makeup looks a little confusing when paired with sweats or jeans and a T-shirt!
Communicate with your artist - “natural” or “glam” can be interpreted in many ways, so be specific if there is something you really DON'T want, or something you really DO want!
After your trial is finished, take pictures and check yourself out in different light throughout the day- photos steal makeup, you may be surprised when your natural look is too natural in photos- this can be fixed by tweaking blush and bronzer, as well as the size of your false lashes- without changing your overall look.
4. Acne - Aside from visiting your Esthetician to keep your face blemish free, here are some other suggestions that you may not have considered: Wash your pillow case frequently and keep your phone and hands clean.  They are in constant contact with your face and a source of bacterial contamination.
5. Arm Bumps - If you have small red bumps on the back of your arms, chances are it's not acne. Keratosis Pilaris is a very common skin condition that occurs when dead skin cells don't shed as they should. Use lotions and washes with lactic acid to help unclog pores leading up to the big day.
6. Back Acne - Wedding dresses often show off a brides back and shoulders. Keep those areas free of acne and bumps with three simple steps.

  • Use an anti-bacterial body wash to keep acne stimulating bacteria away.
  • Use a body brush or long handled loofah brush to exfoliate your back.
  • For problematic skin, have your Esthetician use a clarifying mask on your back once a week to remove any lingering impurities in the skin.
7. Cellulite - a nasty little problem that can affect any bride. Whether you are 110 pounds or 210 pounds, cellulite can find its way onto your hips, butt and thighs. Cellulite is a buildup of fluids, fat and toxins that are trapped under your skin, which causes that orange peel effect. They are built up under the skin in that area because of poor circulation. To make the appearance of cellulite better in time for your honeymoon, try these tips:

  • Use an exfoliating glove in the shower to boost your circulation in cellulite ridden areas.
  • Use a body scrub that has caffeine in it. Caffeine also boosts your circulation.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to flush out toxins.
  • Exercise more! Regular exercise boosts circulation and will also help detox your whole body.
8. Smooth Skin. If you want smooth hair-free skin for your wedding day, there are a variety of ways to achieve it. Although shaving is quite common and inexpensive, hair tends to resurface after only a couple days. Waxing is a great alternative because it last for several weeks - which means you will be hair free through the honeymoon. Waxing is best left to a professional as it can be time consuming and more painful when done at home.
 9. Smooth Lips - You can relieve yourself of dry chapped lips by following these tips:

  • Exfoliate your lips with your wash cloth in the shower. Rub gently for 30 seconds to de-flake.
  • Apply a heavy lip balm every night to moisturize dry, cracked lips.
  • Avoid long-wearing lipsticks and lip glosses - they are more drying than anything else.
  • Switch to a tinted lip balm for color and moisture.
10. Eat! - Exercising and eating well to trim down for the big day is one thing. Not eating to look as slender as possible is just silly—and it will backfire. When blood sugar levels drop, your skin can get pale and clammy.