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Skin Preparation for Flawless Makeup

Skin by Sharon Elizabeth for Skin Care and Flawless Makeup in SausalitoConsider your face as a canvas. Just as a painter selects the appropriate canvas before beginning the artwork, you too should employ a suitable skin care routine to suit your skin type and lifestyle. Never underestimate the importance of skin care preparation to ensure a clean, fresh, natural looking makeup canvas.
Thorough skin prepping will ensure your foundation  glides on smoothly and results in flawless coverage.Cleanse, moisturize and protect …  preferably twice a day, but if you must choose, pay particular attention to your evening skin care routine. An evening skin care routine will combat and treat any daytime exposure to environmental pollutants and climate damage, such as the wind and sun. Never go to bed without first removing your makeup. Wearing makeup to bed will clog your pores, not to mention soil your pillowcase (promoting further skin irritation), and sleeping with mascara on can damage and break your lashes.
Be careful not to over cleanse oily skin, doing so may strip away too much oil which leads to increased oil production. Before you cleanse your skin, it's important to gently remove your makeup first. If you don't own a specific makeup remover, an oil-based cream is ideal for removing makeup (particularly cream based foundations), regardless of your skin type. Otherwise, any moisturizer will suffice and is obviously better than not removing your makeup at all.
Cleansers come in different forms, e.g. foaming cleansers, gels, lotions, and pH balanced soap. Choose a skin care to suit your skin type. Correct cleansing will eliminate any daytime grime, perspiration and stale makeup, all of which contribute to blocked pores and unsightly blackheads and other blemishes. Wet your face and décolletage with warm water, rubbing the cleanser between your hands first will warm the product to ensure it penetrates your skin. Follow this step by gently massaging the cleanser over your face (particularly the oily t-zone) and décolletage. In a circular motion, gently rinse off with a washcloth. A washcloth is an excellent way to gently exfoliate your skin on a daily basis.
Your skin will thank you if you take this one step further with a regular gentle exfoliation and the occasional facial mask treatment. You may also consider a professional facial once or twice every month or two - not only is it incredibly relaxing, but it will also enable your Esthetician to correct any skin issues you may experience from time to time, often more noticeable between the changing seasons and gradually more noticeable as we age.

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